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To honestly recommend a property investment that will fit-in with your needs, we use the right tools, we ask the fundamental questions and we gather all the information on every development – even if we have worked with the developer before.

Due Diligence is key to finding a sustainable property investment that will: be built to a high-standard; be properly managed and funded; deliver a year-on-year rental return; have a contingency plan; be managed on your behalf efficiently and that when you want to release your capital it is possible to resell.

The best part is we do not charge a finder’s fee or admin fee. We negotiate our fee directly with the developer and are paid a commission on any sale that goes through to Exchange and Completion of contracts. It’s completely free and no obligation to talk to us.

The developers we work with do not sell directly to individual investors as they focus on what they do best – which is developing and bringing the project to completion. In some instances, a developer will have an exclusive master agent – one central hub for the sales & marketing meaning zero admin and resource for the developer.

We quite like how we do it – we are not exclusive – we can select exactly the projects that we want to work on, those that we have property checked and have evidence of a sustainable investment solution.


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