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The rise of the “plug & play” student 

by Nikki Dale -

The yearn from university students to tenant private purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA), whether an en-suite or studio apartment, during their higher-education course has increased enormously over the recent few years.

For a long time, PBSA was assumed for the privileged few, namely, international students and postgraduates, who could justify and afford the higher weekly fee that comes with these luxury student digs.  However, the cheaper-rent alternative is typically a sub-standard house share, which when comparing apples for apples actually looks over-priced for the saving.

It’s a very important decision

Times have changed, we live in a world of convenience, and students who have just made the most important decision of their young lives and embarked on a three or four year, or longer, degree, want to give this commitment and opportunity one hundred and ten percent.

PBSA is best for students wellbeing

Naturally, if students can establish themselves in a stress-free environment that is looking out for their well-being – physical & mentally – and lessens the academic, financial and social pressures – it becomes its weight in gold.

There is an increasing amount of research into the wellbeing of students and where they live is recognised as one of the main factors to improve degree results.

PBSA Satisfaction increases year on year

In 2019, overall 75% of students who live in private PBSA would recommend their private dwellings to first year students, a 7% increase from 2018.

So, what’s the hype about why do the majority of university students want to rent private ‘plug and play’ accommodation. 

The PBSA Package

When “cheap & cheerful” houseshare and PBSA “plug & play” are compared, the PBSA student experience is something quite special.

With no utility or council tax bills to worry about and on-call maintenance offered by the specialist management & letting company, it really is hassle-free.  This plus the social and wellbeing aspects – no extra gym membership to folk out for and an indoor and outdoor stress-free study environment, it’s no wonder the modern day student is opting for the “plug & play” experience.

Cost of living in a PBSA studio or en-suite with on-site facilities is of course relative.  The weekly rent cost is dependable on many varying factors.  En-suite apartments are a great option to keep costs down and still benefit from: a private high-spec room, living with friends, a perfect location and longevity.

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