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Sajid Kazmi

Senior Investment Expert

I’ve always been fascinated by people like Alan Sugar, Richard Branson and Tony Blair who have all created over half their wealth from property and I remember reading that 90% of UK millionaires earned that status through property and being excited by that.

I’ve been involved solely in property investment full time for 4 years now, but previously worked in finance where I enjoyed working with figures and helping people choose the right financial products and plan their futures. In my law degree I learned much about contracts and what it takes to truly protect your customers. In business I enjoyed creating jobs and wealth and also growing the businesses themselves. What I love about my role now is that it allows me to combine all of this.

Mostly what I take pleasure in is working with a person to identify their needs and then through analysis and attention to detail helping them build a portfolio which delivers for them. It’s a huge factor for me that as a result of what we do; buildings, jobs and communities are created. But it’s securing a customer’s retirement income, or negotiating the very best deal for a client that gives me the biggest buzz.

Sajid Kazmi


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