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Laura Coe

Customer Care Manager

It may sound a bit cliché but as I work on all sales progression and after-sales care, there isn’t anything more satisfying than ensuring our clients are well looked after, well communicated too and mostly feel like they are receiving a genuine service. For a number of our clients this is their first investment, their pension fund or the money they have saved and worked so hard for, therefore, it is my main priority to ensure our clients are getting the best care they possibly can by removing any hassles or stress through the purchase process and ensuring it all runs smoothly to Exchange.

I’ve worked in customer-care for the last six years – with REW for three years – and I truly care about all our client’s happiness and making their lives that little bit easier. What I love about working at REW is our honest and thorough approach. We are not biased or focused on just one development. We look at the whole of the market and with our client’s best interests at heart build our portfolio around what works for them – not anyone else.

I love the property industry as a whole as there is so much to learn and many changes and challenges to stay one step ahead of. I am really proud to be part of a team that’s service is based around the customer’s needs.

Laura Coe


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