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James David

Investment Expert

I’ve been in sales just over 11 years and during this time mainly focused on investments,from Cryptocurrency to Car Park Spaces.

The one thing that gives me satisfaction more than anything is when I’ve guided my clients through a journey: whether it be a clear and transparent educational voyage to help bolster my clients’ knowledge so they can make a fully informed decision; or it could be through the transactional and process driven pathway. Both to reach the end goal which quite simply and ultimately is where the investment opportunity comes to fruition.

In all honesty, this drives me for 2 reasons:

Firstly, I’m genuinely a believer in long term business relationships, and feel they are still one of the most valuable assets to have. So,if I can truly make a client happy, the likelihood is they’ll come back to me when they are ready.

Secondly, a win for my clients is a win for me, and this reaffirms and validates my own experience and keeps me believing that, in the end, I do actually know what I’m talking about honestly!


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