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Chris Britto

Head of Investments

Over the years I tried my hand at a variety of positions but it wasn’t until I paid more attention to what my father was doing with his own property investments that I knew I wanted to work in the industry.

Having been immersed in the industry for over 5 years now, I have found property to be a really positive platform to build wealth, whether for income or for retirement. What I didn’t like was the complicated nature of the industry. Everyone had their own opinions & strategies which left me confused on which route is right and would be right for me personally. This gave me the desire to learn and understand the various strategies so I could really understand what works in a variety of situations ‘There is no one glove fits all approach’ – everyone is different.

I now love being able to share my knowledge when discussing different aspects of property investment with different people. Being able to provide the solution and right deal in this complicated market gives me the buzz and the eagerness to consult with more & more customers. Solicitors can sometimes be a headache and it’s great that myself and the team can ease that pain by being the middle persons in between buyer and solicitor to erase any confusion, complication and time constraints.

They always say you naturally give more time & dedication in your personal time to something you love and that’s how I got here, I continue to learn, develop and advise in an industry I’m dedicated to.

Chris Britto


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