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Since 2013 we have helped our customers realise their investment goals.
From beginner to season investor we provide the level of support that is required.

When did you last purchase a product without reading at least a couple of customer reviews first? Before talking to us, we welcome you to read what some of our customers’ experiences have been like working with REW.

Mark Tollet

I feel that the service has been excellent and you (REW) have been there whenever I needed any assistance. We have never done this sort of investment before however with regards to the support provided to date we cannot fault this and hope to look at further investments down the line.


Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone. David and his team were friendly, professional and went above and beyond to make the process easy and stress-free. Would definitely use again.

Fahim Sachedina

Very professional and helpful throughout the process. I liaised directly with David who imparted valuable knowledge throughout – he always wanted to help more than anything. The process was very smooth and I also found it very easy to work with the legal team who were on hand to answer any of my questions promptly. Would definitely recommend and look forward to working with the team in the future.

Mike Tinney

I have found REW to be very professional and helpful throughout the investment process and, moving forward, I fully intend to use them as part of my future investment strategy.

James Manyoni

My wife Cate and I had decided to focus on finding and investment vehicle to help in securing our future. I was quite sceptical whether the offering could deliver the good returns stated and critically, security of the investment. We were prepared to tolerate a level of risk on a return, but our capital investment had to have a very high level of security. With this in mind I undertook my own extensive due diligence and we decided that a REW project was just the right investment for us.


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