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Student Life in Bristol – £300 million expansion plans

by Nikki Dale -

Bristol is home to two prestigious universities, the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England (UWE), and both are highly regarded academic institutions with a combined population of 51,000 full-time students.

Ranked among the top 10 UK universities, the University of Bristol runs over 200 undergraduate courses and is the base for in excess of 21,000 full time students. However, there are plans in place to expand the university even further, with the development of a brand new £300 million campus at the heart of the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone.

This investment in this area of the city will regenerate the locality and allow for considerable growth in student numbers, which are predicted to soar by ⅓ in the next ten years. This will of course increase the demand for student accommodation within the city.

University of Bristol

  • In top 10 of UK universities
  • Over 21,000 full-time students
  • £300 million expansion plans for a brand-new campus

Currently, the universities only provide accommodation for approximately 7,000 students, therefore there is considerable demand for private student accommodation in the city.

Bristol University

Students are very drawn to Bristol universities due to the opportunities that awaits them post-university.  It’s a city that has seen higher rates of economic growth and lower rates of unemployment than in any of the other main UK Cities.  Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, which is a hub for creative, high-tech and low-carbon industries. Aerospace, defence and media industries also play a major role in Bristol’s booming economy, with many employees originating from Bristol’s prestigious universities.

  • Between the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England they have 51,000 full time students
  • Only circa 14% of the student population are provided accommodation
  • Tier #1 for Savills: Bristol is one of the best cities to invest in student developments
  • Bristol for PBSA investment has high demand and best affordability
  • £300 million brand new campus planned for Bristol
  • Fantastic post-university employment opportunities for student
  • Ranked among the top 10 UK universities

Set across several campuses, the University of the West of England enrols 29,000 full time students, across a range of disciplines including nursing and midwifery, the Arts, education and business. UWE Bristol is ranked among the top 25 higher education institutions in England for its graduate employment prospects, with a huge 96% of recent graduates being recorded as in employment or further study.

  • University of West of England (UWE)
  • 29,000 full time students
  • Ranked in top 25 for graduate employment prospects
  • A huge 96% of recent graduates being recorded as in employment or further study

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