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Preference Share, from £20,000 70.94% return over a 2 year term

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Opportunity to purchase preference shares in a UK company for the purchase of a freehold site in Southhall, West London. Preference shares or known as preferred shares entitles the holder to a fixed dividend, this takes priority over the ordinary shareholder this being Five Pillars Capital Limited.

The Heathrow Skyline consists of a mixed-use development of 197 apartments, commercial space with 251 resident car parking spaces. The return on investment is 70.94% over a 2-year term, the principal investment and the interest shall be paid to the investor at the end of 2 years or sooner.

Heathrow Skyline is an exciting project in the heart of Southall, West London. Close to Hanwell and Ealing, Southall is a lively area, loved for its vibrancy and rich history. The site is located in the core of Southall, with both the railway line (within six minutes to Southall Station) and the canal in close proximity. Currently surrounded by open parklands, green space and the famous ‘Broadway’, the site provides quick access to central London and also a swift exit from the city altogether, with good links to the M25, M4, A40 and the North Circular, and Uxbridge Road running alongside. Major international flight hub, Heathrow Airport, is only a 15-minute drive from the site.

  • Loan Purpose: Land Purchase and pre-planning phase
  • Loan Amount: £14.2 million (710 preference shares)
  • Minimum Investment: £20,000
  • Loan Term: maximum of 2 years or sooner
  • Loan Interest: projected 70.94% return on capital invested
  • Loan security: Preference shareholder of Heathrow Skyline Limited or Five Pillars Capital Limited
  • Loan Exit: Completion of the project


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