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Loan Note No. 7 Ltd, from £5,000+ 10% p.a. or 12% p.a. options, 24-month term

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Loan Notes are offered to investors who seek a competitive return on their capital or wish to diversify their existing investment portfolio. Loan Notes are IOU’s from a company to an investor. The investor is making a loan to the company and the company is agreeing to pay it back with any interest specified. The Loan Note presented by REW is a secured Loan Note, as secured against the assets of company borrowing the money.


Godwin Capital is the fundraising and investment arm of Godwin Developments which is a UK focused regional property development and investment business.

Godwin’s strategy is to build and monetise an extensive and diversified portfolio of residential, commercial and mixed-use freehold property assets primarily through investment in sites to develop out with the option to sell or hold for income.

Godwin Developments, itself, is recognised and well-regarded name in the UK property market and over the years has built a good reputation for professionalism, quality, and delivery.They work with global brands such as: McDonalds, Starbuck Coffee, Aldi, Lidl, and national favourite Greggs.

Godwin’s past and current projects and its project pipeline of £300-£400 million cover a number of sectors, including:

  • Commercial sector: retail, fast food
  • Residential Sector: Private Rental Sector, private housing, Housing Association.
  • Industrial & Logistics sectors: Trade centres, distribution, warehousing

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Godwin Capital focuses on residential and commercial property development opportunities within an area mainly bordered by the key cities of Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol and Cambridge, therefore encompassing the largest population centres in the Midlands.

  • Minimum investment is from £5,000 (5 notes of £1,000 each)
  • Interest earned will be 10% or 12% per annum gross dependent on type of loan note chosen:
    • 2 Year Bi-Annual Income Product – 10% fixed rate loan notes with simple interest payable in arrears bi-annually (paid every 6 months)
    • 2 Year Deferred Income Product – 12% fixed rate loan notes with simple interest to accrue annually and payable on the final redemption date with the return of capital
  • Security Trustee: an ACCA appointed trustee will work as an independent arbitrator and represent the interests of the loan note holders
  • Double layer of security: secured with a first legal charge over properties purchased and a fixed and floating charge.


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