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PBSA is best for wellbeing

by Nikki Dale -

Wellbeing of students in the UK is an important topic for universities and a point of discussion around mental health in the UK.  There is much research into the wellbeing of students and where they live is recognised as one of the main factors to improve degree results.

Going to university is life changing – in a good way but also life changing from the fact they have academic, financial and social pressures at a brand new level. There is a responsibility to lessen the pressure and address the needs of the students so they can wholeheartedly focus on what they are there to do.

“Providers have to respond to the desires of students for not just much better facilities and amenities, but what I’d call life support services to support the whole student experience.”  Andrew Jamieson, EREC

As recent study* via a survey of 1000 students aged between 18 – 25 stemmed the following feedback.

Good for physical health

Those living in PBSA in their first year are almost twice as likely to be ‘very satisfied’ with their physical health (60%), than those living in halls of residence (32%). Throughout their stay, university students continue to be more satisfied with their physical health when living in PBSA than other accommodation options. Students are increasingly focusing on their physical health, suggesting more opportunities for gyms in PBSA.

Good for mental health

In the first year, they’re also more likely to be ‘very satisfied’ with their mental health (34%), than those living in halls (23%). This trend continues throughout the years at university.

Good for personal goals

Similarly, 44% are ‘very satisfied’ in ‘achieving the personal goals set at the beginning of the year’ – 18% more than those living in halls.

With these insights it is enough for developers to realise the important of facilities when planning a PBSA development.  This is an important issue and developers have an important role to play in delivering accommodation to helps the overall wellbeing of our university students of today.


SOURCE: *Student Accommodation Impact Report (octopus)

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