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New Low Mortgages Rates for All Overseas Investors

by Nikki Dale -

Living overseas and investing in UK buy to let property has potentially never been more lucrative, with more lenders making international mortgage options available at an all time low rate.   With many industries feeling the impact of the global pandemic, and following the coronavirus-inspired market meltdown – the pound is currently weak against most currencies. 

Lower than normal mortgage rates 

Lenders are offering overseas buyers a reduction of rates – falling to 3.99% with loan to value (LTV) for non-residents at 75% – it’s been a long time since rates for non-residents have fallen under 4% based on a high loan to value.

According to lenders, there are no restrictions on location, with all countries around the world being considered.

Overseas buyers are finding it a lot less challenging to obtain a buy to let mortgage to purchase in the UK.  Lenders are making more products available with the broad criteria being: 25% deposit and UK bank account

Best buy to let options in the current time

The future market outlook for property is what the savvy investor is considering.  Construction is one of the industries still moving with off-plan developers moving cautiously and safely ahead with projects to mitigate delays and ensure their 2020/2021 project deadline.


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