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More women than ever are investing in property

by Nikki Dale -

Working in the property industry for many years I can vouch first-hand, it’s been a typically male dominated industry.

Being a landlord myself, the charm and attraction of investing in property was clear from the start of my career, when I joined the sales & marketing team of an off-plan second-home property developer in Portugal 20-years ago.

Different to pure buy-to-let property purchase, a second-home abroad was more a heart-buy than a head-buy.  That said, in the eyes of the purchasers, it was equally seen as a wise investment of their money and annual rental return and predicted 10-year growth and capital appreciation were heavily part of this so called “heart “decision making process.

So, what is my point to this story, or more a repeated observation when I think of it now … it was the female lead.

Who is the decision maker anyway?

9.5 times out of 10 for this second-home husband and wife buying duo – mainly UK and Irish investors – the driving force and ultimately the decision maker was the woman, or, (not to upset anyone) equally 50/50 male and female.

This was my experience over 14-years, of a specific property sector.  I recall reading an article beginning of 2019 “why are the numbers of females in investing not growing fast enough” and I remember thinking, really?   As this did not resonate with my past experience.

What was previously holding women investors back?

When I investigated this further, investment admittedly is so broad, but noticeably a lack of confidence and a natural aversion for risk holds many women back from certain types of investments.

2018 it was reported just 23% of female adults in the UK hold an investment product, compared with 35% of men.

It’s also reported via stats and articles, that majority of woman investors:

  • Feel under-represented in most sectors
  • Are typically more risk adverse
  • Dislike volatility
  • Do not want to place money into products that lack security

Even still, there has been a rise in opening stocks and share ISA accounts in the recent two years.

What is NOT holding women investors back now?

Woman are more financially focused now, they understand the importance of financial health and planning for the future – especially with the uncertainly around pensions – they’re taking control of their financial independence.

There are many more female-entrepreneur success stories, and these, when broken down show financial-status risk was taken for successful returns.

Another point on the increase in women investors, is the gendar pay gap – which I’m almost loathed to share a view on – but as I recently read two conflicting theories on this, I will.  And because of the ridiculously high stat – 78% of companies in Great Britain reportedly pay men more!

  1. Women are more cautious and uncomfortable with investment risk and volatility because they have less money too invest than their male counterparts.
  2. Woman are using their alternative skills and a savvy eye for property to make ROI on investments to bridge the gender pay gap.

Maybe both hold some weight, but a topic for another day.

Why woman prefer property investment, over other markets?

The increase in female investors, noticeably in property, is for good and some obvious reasons.

A generational stat first off, a 2019 report on female investors stated:

25 – 34-year-old demographic has seen the largest rise in buy to let property enquiries

Women feel more familiar with property as it appears more accessible.  Property has a proven track record offering the sought-after stability.  Women investors want to fully understand the risks and how the investment works.  They want to get a detailed explanation of charges and know exactly where their money is being held and how securely.

The property investment market can offer everything on the list, plus the attraction of high return for low volatility.

Why woman can make better landlords

Stats from the end of 2019 reported that 40% of all landlords are now women.

The consensus is, tenants are incredibly happy with this.

Did you know, female landlords are recognised as more approachable, sensitive, and reasonable to personal situations and problems with their tenants – plus better prepared for unforeseen eventualities.

Why woman can make better property investors?

I’ve read – factoid or not – that female natural character traits may actually make them better investors than men.

It was reported last year 12% of women only check their investments once a year, related to 14% of men who check once a month, and 10% of men check their investments once a week.

What does this tell us? Women are a lot more patient? Naturally.  No, it tells us they are ideal buy and hold investors and are in it for the long-haul.

Woman investors don’t get distracted by short-term market movements, or want something they can sell at the bottom and buy at the top.

It may take longer on average to make the decision and there will be a higher level of need-to-know-basis, (everyone, male or female, please do your due diligence) but once a woman investor takes the leap, it’s just plain, calm sailing.

What women are influencing the property industry and other women investors 

One of the downsides in recent years, due to a slightly different approach taken to property investment, was women felt under-represented.

However, this is changing with so many influential women in property, Sarah Beeny, Nicole Bremner, Fiona Talbot, just to name a few.

There are many more well know and very successful woman investors, some of who have gone from an investment themselves to giving up their 9-5 and opening their own networking and training group.

Like Binder Dosanjh, who created Female Property Alliance, when she struggled to find a networking group dedicated to like-minded property investor women.

Naturally, I champion the cause of more women who realise property as a vehicle for financial independence, freedom, and future security.

As Bindar Dosanjh motto goes … “If I can do it, so can you!”


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