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Student accommodation for sale

Using our industry expertise we present the best UK student accommodation for sale in the market today.  High annual return on investment and full property ownership for our customers seeking to buy student accommodation and delivered by a proven developer that has past our Property Check due diligence.


Why buy student property?  

Accommodation available for students to rent in the UK compared to university places offered is still hugely under-supplied in the majority of main university cities and towns.  University placement restriction was lifted in 2015 and this changed the face of the student accommodation investment in the UK overnight and the flood gates opened to a new generation of students.  Universities and city councils have been aligned with purpose-built student accommodation developers trying their best to fill the supply and demand gap ever since and home all students living in the UK.

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This was the turning point for independent and institutional investment from the UK and overseas and from 2015 purpose-built student accommodation become the UK’s No.1 asset class for investment.

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Several strategies announced in 2019 by the Department of Education and Department of International Trade that will undoubtedly attract overseas students from all over the world and continue the year-on-year increase of domestic and international students applying for UK university spaces.

What does student property investment provide you?

Buy a student property and you are provided an en-suite, studio or one-bed apartment at a fixed price direct from the developer, with an assured annual net return of between 8%-10%.

Property ownership is like any other and registered at land registry post completion.

Student property investment is fully-managed by a specialist company from the on-set, who lets and looks after the property on your behalf and pays you, the owner, a sustainable net rental income every quarter.

student apartment example: fixed price at £69,999, nets in rental income £6,650 a year (after annual fees and costs) and this return amount is assured by the developer for 5 years.  Over the 5-year assured term the total net rental income to is £33,250.

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