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Are you looking to sell your Commercial Property – fast?

Real Estate Commercial specialises in the fast sale of commercial property. We have an extensive background in the acquisition of all types of commercial property from warehouses to hotels, and we’ll work quickly to get you a cash offer on your property.
We have a panel of ready-to-buy investors – each with their own criteria. We actively seek all types of commercial property and match our investors’ needs with the right opportunities, always with a view to Exchange within 28 days of a cash offer.

Fast and easy on-boarding process of your commercial property A cash-offer on your property within 28-days.
Free property-ready assessment – we’ll ensure you have everything in place for a quick sale Sell and leaseback options – a great way to free up your capital
Access to our ready-to-buy commercial property investors No hidden fees or costs

Why Real Estate Commercial?

Why Real Estate Commercial?

With a pool of investors who are time-poor and urgently seeking a commercial property investment opportunities, to grow their portfolios, expand their businesses or venture into new locations – we feel there is so much opportunity in the UK with people looking to sell their commercial property; whether it’s been inherited, has become a financial drain, is in threat of repossession, we know we can bridge that gap and remove the stress and wait of going down the real estate agency route – saving you time and money in the long run.

The Process

A. Property-ready assessment form is filled-in and returned with an independent valuation (no older than 6-months.)

B. Once step A. is complete, a 28-day exclusivity agreement* (to obtain a cash offer) will need to be duly signed and returned.

C. Within the 28-day period we’ll seek a buyer and you will receive a cash offer.

D. When accepted, solicitors will be appointed, and conveyancing will commence.

E. Solicitors will move to Exchange in 28-days and subsequent Completion

*Your property must be exclusive to Real Estate Commercial and not with any other agent or on any Property portals for the 28-day exclusive period

Reasons to sell through us?

Financial drain – if your property/unit is not tenanted then the asset can very quickly turn into a burden. All the running costs & mortgage can add up quickly and become a significant financial drain your resources.

Change in personal circumstances – divorce, separation, bereavement, illness or because of losing a job, in a stressful circumstance such as these the anxiety, hassle and speed around the sale of your property should be kept to a minimum.

Debt problems – ignored debt can spiral out of control, easily. Freeing up capital from a quick property sale to relieve you from debt can avoid you charges, fines, administration fees and court costs.

Threat of repossession – keeping up with repayments on a mortgage can in certain situations be impossible, in the worst-case scenario, the lender will start the repossession process. If a new arrangement with a lender cannot be reached then one option is to sell the property, releasing the funds to service your debt.

A simple quick sale – sell your commercial property to free up cash. Release your commercial property to not miss out on other investment opportunities you have been offered.

Commercial Properties we need

We are looking for all types of Freehold or Leasehold commercial properties:


  • Retail: shops, supermarkets, shops with rental flats above
  • Business – office blocks, leisure complexes, restaurants, hotels, B&B’s, garages
  • Industrial – warehouses, factories, storage units
  • Land for sale


Sell and leaseback option

If you need to free-up capital quickly you can sell your commercial property through us and then lease it back – carrying on business as usual.

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