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We created Real Estate Worldwide in response to a growing demand for high quality investments within our business network. We quickly realised that in a very complex and competitive investment market there was a need for a business that puts service first. In a market with so much investment choice it was clear that we should be doing more to carefully handpick the right opportunities and products.

“I’ve always looked at business from the client’s perspective and I consider the top five qualities in business to be Honesty, Transparency, Service, Trust and Delivery. I’ve seen all the ups and downs in property and know what is needed for a safe and secure investment. Therefore, my role supported by a brilliant team is to help our customers make the right decision.” David Coates, REW, MD & Founder

Peace of Mind

Developers approach us each week to consider several investment opportunities and we put each one through a rigorous and comprehensive suitability test before we take it to market. Our due diligence process ensures that our clients’ investments are secure and profitable.


With a highly experienced team, our focus is sourcing stable, high-end investments from established and trustworthy developers. We use our experience to offer the best tailor-made solutions for each investor. We do the hard work and present well thought-through opportunities that offer unrivalled returns.


Real Estate Worldwide manage and support the whole investment process and offer additional specialist advice via a group of carefully selected partners. We offer investors peace of mind owing to the senior management’s 35 years’ combined experience in the property sector.



"REW were brilliant during the purchase of my property investment in Sheffield. I wasn't sure where to begin or how to go about it but REW were there every step of the way and helped me choose the best investment for me. Their guidance and professionalism was faultless, and on top of that they're a really nice bunch of people! Would gladly recommend them to all of my friends."

Abigail Norton, London, UK

"I have found REW to be very professional and helpful throughout the investment process and, moving forward, I fully intend to use them as part of my future investment strategy."

Mike Tinney - MSDR Consultants Ltd, Hampshire, UK

"I came to REW having never invested in property before. They were always ready with information, and it was refreshing that my consultant Sajid was happy to come out and meet me. It was very reassuring for a first time investor."

Graham West, Oxford, UK

"I have found REW extremely helpful through the entire conveyance. We particularly would like to thank Chris. This was our first investment and we were not sure what to invest our money into, and REW helped us find the right property and organised a great visit to see the development."

Ron Hassan, Liverpool, UK

"My experience so far has only been good and Leighton, the sales consultant I dealt with, has guided me into the right investment that suits my investment plan over the next 5 years. I am now looking to purchase my second property through REW."

Victor Bentes, Valencia, Spain

"REW have been fantastic. It has taken a while to purchase my studio in Liverpool because I had to find a suitable mortgage, REW have been very helpful and efficient throughout, and also patient!"

Dr Susan Richmond, Aberystwyth, UK

"I met Chris (REW) at a Property Exhibition; I was there looking to purchase a property overseas that also gave me back good rental return when I was not using it. I ended up investing in two hotel rooms which I am totally delighted with. REW are a pleasure to deal with."

Ed Wiseman, Kent, UK



From outside the UK please call (+44) 333 212 0415